Smart brand relationship technology

B2B Insights

50% of experiential marketing expenses have no proven ROI.

VIP guests can't answer to the average of 250+ invites a year they receive!

Compliance rules ask for full traceability of names and cost per contact.

B2C Insights

Loyalty platforms had less than 30% active users over the last 12 months.

Unsubscribe is just 1 click away, Brands need relevancy to build long term relationships with their audiences.

More than 80% of participants to sweepstakes are always the same "professional" gamers.



World class brands trust our technology


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"Seaters not only improved our business relevance, but enabled us to achieve it at reduced cost thanks to better operational efficiency."

Martine Tempels
Senior Vice President Telenet Business
"Seaters was the missing link to transform tennis fans into customers."
Sébastien Guyader
Head of Brand, Corporate Advertising and Sponsoring BNP Paribas Group

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