Connect with consumers 

through the things they are passionate about

Wish Lists

The transparent process of joining a Wish List provides a positive connection to individual passion points. 

The start of a mutually beneficial relationship, your audience has the freedom to show you what they are interested in.

Changing the Paradigm

Forget one-off, self-serving pushes. Modern consumers expect better. 


An array of Wish Lists capture a "pull" of interested fans who are eager to engage with your brand.  

Generate Data

Every action collects valuable data points that allow for personalized and relevant marketing messages.

Wish Lists are unlimited - both in the amount of people who can join and the amount of data that can be captured.  


How it works

Capture Demand 

Seaters' white label product provides a customer-centric platform to be seamlessly integrated into your marketing and activation plans. 


Whether you want to engage on the B2C, B2B or even B2E level, Wish Lists for a brand's assets connect on passion to inspire, entertain and feed long-term permission-based relationships.

Gather Data

Putting consumers first, Wish Lists offer the perfect mechanism to gather data in GDPR compliant way.


Data from interaction allows mass personalization of your communications. It's time to fill the fields in your CRM that you didn't even know existed.  


"The missing link to transform tennis fans into customers "

Sébastien Guyader, Head of Brand

Brands Using Seaters
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