Seaters’ core products provide an array of different options for you to test Wish Lists for your assets.
From a Microsite to a fully customizable API integration, there is a product to fit your sponsorship activation needs.


This dedicated site is hosted by Seaters in the
visual identity of your brand.


This option allows you to capture all the demand you want, without your audience ever having to leave your website (or mobile app).

API integration

A full, custom website integration is available, with the entire customer journey happening directly on your website.

Opening Wish Lists for your assets allows you to connect with your entire audience on the things they are most passionate about.

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What our customers are saying

“Using Seaters has allowed Adecco to make a valuable offer across 4 countries so far to all of our Associates, and share our sponsorship involvement in tennis to engage with them on a personal level.”

Rodrigo Garza
Head of Sponsorship, Adecco

“Seaters was the missing link we were looking for to transform tennis fans into new BNP Paribas customers.“

Sébastien Guyader
Head of Brand, Corporate Advertising & Sponsoring, BNP Paribas

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