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“Seaters was the missing link we were looking for to transform tennis fans into new BNP Paribas customers.

– Sébastien Guyader, Head of Brand, Corporate Advertising and Sponsoring, BNP


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Advantage BNP Paribas!

BNP Paribas, a historical partner of tennis since 1973, is now the world’s number one sponsor of tennis. The company recently launched its “ADVANTAGE” program with We Are Tennis to give tennis fans the opportunity to unlock unique rewards.

Their partnership with Seaters is part of a continued desire to innovate and surprise fans who share their passion for tennis, as one of the most popular sports in the world. We Are Tennis offers Tennis news and numerous benefits reserved especially for tennis fans, customers, and BNP Paribas employees. With the help of this platform, BNP Paribas wishes to establish itself as the world’s number one partner of tennis and reward its current and future customers.

More than ever, BNP Paribas wants to offer a unique experience to tennis fans.

The Success at Roland-Garros

BNP Paribas launched the ADVANTAGE program ahead of Roland-Garros 2017. There were 2,000 available seats in BNP Paribas’ allocation, and all were offered on the platform. In total, over 50,000 new users registered before and during the tournament, tallying over 225,000 requests for the various available passes.

BNP Paribas has succeeded in collecting a tremendously valuable number of unique data points on these requests, while allowing the true fans of tennis to enjoy one of the four Grand Slam tournaments live.

After the success of Roland-Garros, fans of We Are Tennis can look forward to similar opportunities at Queens Club and the Davis Cup semi-finals.