Customer Loyalty

Netherlands’ Largest Sponsor

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“Seaters takes a lot of hassle away from the people in charge of the tickets and is a fair policy. We are now putting all of our tickets into Seaters for 2017.”

– Mark Versteegen, Head of Sponsorships


Hours To Fill Full Allocation Of Seats
Seats Were Filled
Tickets Requested

Their Need

Having used Seaters internally for the previous 6 months, KPN wanted to roll-out a new loyalty campaign to their large customer-base in the Netherlands.

Their Results

As title sponsor of the Speed Skating Dutch, European and World Championships, KPN had a large number of tickets in their sponsor allocation. This was a perfect occasion to open up Wish Lists to their customers and kick-off their new loyalty program, in partnership with Seaters.

Over 6 event days, KPN aimed to fill 100% of their 8,000 seating allocation with customers who had been invited through a dedicated email campaign.

Within 24 hours of the email campaign launch, enough demand for the 8,000 available seats had been captured to allow KPN to request a further allocation of tickets from the event organizers. In total over 48,000 tickets were requested, with 11,575 seats being filled across the 6 event days. The campaign proved a very successful launch pad for the new loyalty campaign and they continue to offer tickets to all of their events.