Consumer Retention

Making Even A Few Tickets Go A Long Way

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Using Seaters has allowed Adecco to make a valuable offer across 4 countries so far to all of our Associates, and share our sponsorship involvement in tennis to engage with them on a personal level. We are excited to roll out to more countries globally.”

– Rodrigo Garza, Head of Sponsorship Adecco


Countries Launched Simultaneously
Tickets Requested
Goodwill Message

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Their Need

The world’s leading provider of HR solutions, Adecco recognized a need to create meaningful engagement points with their ‘Associates’ around the world and sought a way to connect with them on a more personal level.

Their Campaign

Adecco used their available tickets as a sponsor of the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas and the Fed Cup to create a unique goodwill message with their temporary workforce. Of Adecco’s sponsor owned tickets, 100 were made available for their initial campaign. Across 4 different countries, France, Belgium, Canada and Australia, Adecco Associates were offered the opportunity to join the Wish List for event tickets. Communication was done over email and the recipients were incredibly receptive. In total over 300,000 goodwill messages were shared and 2,900 event tickets were requested. From invitation to “Go Live” moment, multiple engagement points allowed Adecco to share their passion for tennis with their target audience.