Wish Lists allow you to connect with your entire audience on the things they are most passionate about.

Assets go further on a Wish List. In a basic activation, one ticket is given to one guest. Seaters creates an exponential activation to turn that same asset into a unique, fan-centric tool to connect with your audience, while also collecting key data points.

On average, 25 people join a Wish List for every available asset. Seaters captures an average of 12 data points on each user as their personal profile is built. That adds up to 300 data points per ticket!

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Where fans become customers

Data Qualification

Data Qualification

Discover the key data points on your leads that allow you to refine your marketing strategy

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Turning your sponsorship investment into lifelong customers! We profile your audience to boost your ROI.

Consumer Loyalty

Consumer Loyalty

We help you connect with your consumers around the things they are passionate about. It’s personalized marketing – at scale!

“Seaters takes a lot of hassle away from the people in charge of the tickets,
and is a fair policy. We are now putting all of our tickets into Seaters for 2017.”

– Mark Versteegen, Head of Sponsorships, KPN

Fans First. Using Wish Lists.

Fan Group

The hub for your Wish Lists connects your brand with fans on their passions by offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Wish Lists

Wish Lists are unlimited! They capture exhaustive demand and can be made public or private, depending on your target audience.

Manage Expectations

The likelihood and rank on the Wish List sends a goodwill message to your fans, even when the demand outweighs the supply.


From a Microsite to a fully customizable API integration, there is a product to fit your sponsorship activation needs.

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