Our Founder, Jean-Sébastien, saw first-hand that even at the world’s top events, there were always empty seats – even though there were lines of fans outside the stadiums craving to watch their favorite athletes and sports live in person. After 900,000 seats were left empty at London 2012, enough was enough. Frustrated at the lack of respect for the athletes, fans, sponsors and spirit, he sought out a means to have “No More Empty Seats!

Today, Seaters helps sponsors connect with more of their audience, and has proven the real ROI of maximizing a sponsor’s assets. 

Our Mission

To allow audiences around the world the opportunity to attend the events they love, at a fair price, by connecting them with the brands who share this emotion.

Our Vision

By bringing brands and fans together, the world of live events can become more accessible to those who have always dreamt of attending, and these life-long relationships between brands and fans will be built on the emotion of “going live

Our Values

FAIRPLAY in how we treat our customers; Brands and Fans.

EXCELLENCE in our effort and in our delivery.

COMMUNITY with our customers, the events they are involved with and their audience who dream of attending.

PASSION drives us every day. We believe in the power of live experiences and work every day to create as many unique engagements as possible

Maximizing the value of every seat in your allocation.
Helping you unlock the full potential of your assets.