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Data Qualification

Data Qualification

Discover the key data points on your leads that allow you to refine your marketing strategy

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Turning your sponsorship investment into lifelong customers! We profile your audience to boost your ROI.

Consumer Loyalty

Consumer Loyalty

We help you connect with your consumers around the things they are passionate about. It’s personalized marketing – at scale!

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What our customers are saying

“Using Seaters has allowed Adecco to make a valuable offer across 4 countries so far to all of our Associates, and share our sponsorship involvement in tennis to engage with them on a personal level.”

Rodrigo Garza
Head of Sponsorship, Adecco

“Seaters was the missing link we were looking for to transform tennis fans into new BNP Paribas customers.“

Sébastien Guyader
Head of Brand, Corporate Advertising & Sponsoring, BNP Paribas

“Seaters takes a lot of hassle away from the people in charge of the tickets, and is a fair policy. We are now putting all of our tickets into Seaters for 2017.”

Mark Versteegen
Head of Sponsorships, KPN

In Focus: KPN

KPN launched a new Customer Loyalty Fan Group with Seaters using a dedicated email campaign sent to Speed Skating fans. Within 24 hours of launching the Wish Lists, all 8,000 allocated tickets were requested. In total, the number of requests grew to 48,812, so KPN was issued an additional 3,575 tickets from the event organizers, free of charge.

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Seaters has partnered with leading brands across a wide range of industries.
We work together with our clients to activate their sponsor assets
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From a Microsite to a fully customizable API integration, there is a product to fit your sponsorship activation needs.

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